Welcome to my kitchen!

Hello, welcome to In Chloe’s Kitchen!

A few months ago I made the decision to delete all social media from my phone, it was so draining and was making me into a person I had lost control of. Especially in these uncertain times, I think everyone was struggling with so many things and I feel that if anyone feels the same way I did, just delete it, all of it and get rid of it all!

It actually made me realise how much time I now had, and how much I had wasted just sitting scrolling, it gave me the time to fall back in love with something I used to have such a huge passion for, cooking. At a very young age, it would be one of my teddies birthdays every weekend which meant a big fancy birthday cake every week. Some years ago I would spend hours flicking through recipe books and creating dishes to cook for my family, but since I became so engrossed in the social media world I completely lost all the passion I had and didn’t cook anything for a good few years. For me, cooking and baking was such a release and allowed me to be really creative and rediscovering that passion makes me so happy, so losing that really had a huge negative impact on the person I became.

I moved into my first flat with my fiancé last year and the thing I fell in love with were the kitchen, and the location. We’re on the waters edge and had the most incredible beaches on the doorstep. Living by the coast is so beautiful, and the fresh produce we have access to, only re ignited the passion for cooking even more, its amazing. My fiancé absolutely loves to fish and somehow managed to get me into by buying me a pink rod, but I won’t lie, I do love it… The fact that I have access to the most beautiful fresh ingredients makes me wish I could spend all day in the kitchen.

DIY beer battered fish, mini potatoes and homemade tartare sauce.

I also spent 3 months in travelling around Thailand a couple of years ago with my fiancé, and it was the food that really made me fall in love with the country so much, the flavours and colours were just amazing, and I’m still yet to successfully recreate my favourite dish from my travels…

So this is going to be my place to share with you my favourite recipes from in my kitchen but also around the world, with hopes of my first cookbook coming out mid next year!

Thank you, and I hope you find something new to try here!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my kitchen!

  1. calmkate

    Very smart idea to delete the social media that drains your life and numbs your brain, congrats!

    I too love Thailand and am known to enjoy a delicious well cooked meal if it manifests but meanwhile I’m a lazy cook and a veggo to boot … nice to meet you and welcome to the wonderful world of WP 🙂


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